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Domain Validation Certificates

Simple Verification Process.
Get SSL in 10 minutes or less.

Secure your site and add trust & confidence for your visitors

Fast & Affordable Domain Validated SSL

Secure your website and increase your reputation.

Domain Validation Certificates (DV SSL) are an inexpensive, easy and quick solution to secure your website, login page, webmail, and more. It is simple and automated so you can protect your website with Domain Validation SSL in a few minutes.

Choose a SSL from leading Certificate Authorities

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Single Domain, Validation via Domain, 256-bit Encryption, 2048 bits Key Encryption, No GreenBar, No WildCard Support,

RapidSSL Certificate


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Single Domain, Validation via Domain, 256-bit Encryption, 2048 bits Key Encryption, No GreenBar, No WildCard Support,

Positive SSL Certificate


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Single Domain, Validation via Domain, 256-bit Encryption, 2048 bits Key Encryption, No GreenBar, No WildCard Support,

Thawte SSL123


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Single Domain, Validation via Domain, 256-bit Encryption, 2048 bits Key Encryption, No GreenBar, No WildCard Support,

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium


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What you get with an SSL Certificate

HTTPS Browser padlock

To most users, it means all is safe and the information you are given out is not being intercepted. Get the green lock and https to show your visitors you care that their data is safe.

Protect sensitive information

An encrpyted connection makes it difficult for attackers to access your site. SSL Certificates protect your customers’ sensitive information by encrypting the data they send to you.

Better Google ranking

Get a BOOST in your SEO. HTTPS-encrypted websites will show higher in search results, getting your website encrypted will protect your customers and make them fine you easier.

Foolproof Protection

You will get industry standard protection with a combination of 2048-bit key and 256-bit SSL encryption which transmits users’ personal information into encrypted code which is foolproof. Hackers and ID thieves can’t get their hands on consumer information.

Attract Visitors with Security Indicators

Being platinum partner of leading CAs, ClickSSL offers DV SSL at cheapest price that provides assurance to your site visitors, it will present high assurance that you are taking security and privacy seriously by enabling HTTPS and padlock. When visitors click on padlock icon, they can see your website name and certificate issuer name in the certificate details.

Free Secure Site Seal

You will get secure site seal with any DV SSL certificate. It is visible security sign that tells your visitors, the website is secure and authenticated by trusted third-party entity, so it is advisable to add secure site seal on your entire website.

Go with Extensive Security

Domain Validation Certificates provide same encryption as organization validation and extended validation certificates, only difference between the validation process which helps to instill customer trust. If you are looking for low-cost security solution to your website then buy or renew Domain Validation SSL from us.

Quick Answers to some of your Questions

Domain Validation (DV) certificates give a cost-effective and immediate way to install SSL to your website. Using Domain Validated Certificates confirm you to be the owner of the domain. It does not present any validation on an organization level.
Domain Validated certificates are perfect for personal websites such as blogs, and social sharing communities. Any site not transferring private information can opt for one. This activates the green browser padlock and allows the use of https. These signs comfort your visitors that you take their privacy sincerely.

There are no specific documents needed. You can purchase your Domain Validated (DV) certificate without documents. For a basic DV SSL, you need to verify the confirmation email that goes to your official email address. Some may require you for confirmation by a simple file-based authentication. This is done to prove that you own the domain for which you security coverage.

Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate is a basic entry level SSL certificate that intends to provide encryption. It does not provide authentication of an organization. Receiving a DV certificate is easy as the applicant has to prove domain ownership only.
Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificate is a standard SSL certificate installed to keep website safe, verify the identity of the business or organization. Businesses are required to prove their authenticity by providing government registration documents. The legitimacy of the business is validated by the issuing Certificate Authority. This creates a higher level of online trust among customers. Visitors are msore confident in companies using OV compared to DV SSL certificates. The information of the company is displayed within the certificate subject details.

All Certificate Authorities (CAs)/SSL brands that we market are leaders in the industry. They are trusted for their security solutions across the world. Symantec is the largest CA whose trust seal is the Norton Trust Seal, a highly recognized symbol of trust. Their name & trust seal will definitely add value to customers. There are other trusted CAs that provide SSL such as GeoTrust, GlobalSign, RapidSSL, Comodo, StarField.

Domain Validated SSL certificates of all brands can be valid from anywhere from 1-3 years. The validity of the certificates depends on the certificate you purchase. The Certificate Authority Forum is the ruling association of the SSL industry that sets the validity. EV SSL certificates are issued for 2 years maximum. DV and OV SSL certificates from most brands are issued for a maximum of 3 years.

CAs need to confirm domain ownership by sending an email to the contact details listed with the domain’s registrar. If the listed administrator of the domain does not reply to the first email, a second email is sent. The second email from the CA is sent to the email address that is created with the domain such as info@domain.com or support@domain.com. (You are given a choice to give a secondary email address for verification during the enrollment process.)

A browser connecting to a secure website retrieves the site’s SSL Certificate. It checks whether or not the SSL has expired. The browser checks whether the SSL has been issued by a trusted certificate authority. It also checks whether the certificate is being used for the domain that it has been purchased for. If any one of these checks are not satisfied, the browser warns the end user by giving them a “not secure” warning. If a browser succeeds to get the security indicators

  • The beginning of your website’s URL are changed from http to https
  • A closed green padlock appears on the right hand side

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